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Euromillions Lottery double rollover

Last Updated: Saturday 20th March 2010, 11:52

With £26 million up for grabs last night, players were out in force to buy Euromillions Lottery tickets, yet despite high ticket sales and a much-publicised rollover the Euromillions Lottery rolls again. That means that next week’s Euromillions Lottery draw is worth an estimated £40 million as things get very exciting in the Euromillions.

Players across all nine participating European countries were out in force last night buying tickets for the £26 million Euromillions Lottery draw yet despite high ticket sales no players matched all five winning numbers and the lucky stars to win the jackpot.

There were many winners in the draw however, with ten players from across Europe matching the five main balls and one lucky star and each of those scooped over £200,000. Three of the ten were UK Lottery players and of course we can’t forget the Millionaire Raffle, that raffle would have ensured that one lucky UK lottery player won £1 million, guaranteed in last night’s draw.

You can buy lotto tickets online for the double rollover lottery draw but before then is tonight’s UK Lotto draw. That’s worth an estimated £4.5 million and will take place tonight.

You can also check all the lottery results from our pages and see if you were one of the lucky Euromillions winners from last night’s draw.

By next Friday lottery fever will have taken hold, at £40 million the Euromillions Lottery jackpot is now one of the biggest in the world. Good luck, whichever of the lottery draws you put your money on and check back here often for more lottery news.

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