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Euromillions prize expires today

Last Updated: Wednesday 6th April 2011, 09:59 am

While the National Lottery are holding their National Down the Back of the Sofa, we thought we’d take a look and check on the unclaimed prizes with the National Lottery at the moment. They’re not wrong either, there are absolutely millions of unclaimed prizes with the National Lottery, including one Euromillions prize, worth a staggering £1 million, that expires today!

Just yesterday the National Lottery launched their National Down the Back of the Sofa, to encourage players to look for old and forgotten lottery tickets, they say there is over £9 million in unclaimed lottery prizes with the National Lottery and this Euromillions Lottery prize expiring today is worth £1 million!

This Euromillions Lottery ticket was purchased in the South Lanarkshire area of the UK, and while it matched no prizes in the main Euromillions draw, held on 8th October, it did match the Millionaire Raffle number. That means, this lost lottery ticket has the Raffle number PXV227093 as its Millionaire Raffle number, and is worth a life-changing £1 million! If the winner of this lottery prize does not contact lottery offices before 5pm today, then the entire prize, plus any interest it has accrued will be added to the fund for good causes, so the rush really is on now to match this lottery prize with the ticket holder.

This is just one of three lottery prizes that are to expire this April in the UK, but the total was much higher, several lottery prizes have been collected just in the nick of time this month, which thankfully means that the winners are now united with their cash!

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