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Euromillions prize quirks

Last Updated: Sunday 29th November 2009, 10:06 am

Euromillions Friday night saw the National Lottery Euromillions rollover making next weeks’ jackpot an estimated £26,000,000 for the draw on 4th December. Checking through the prizes for each possible win on the last nights results we noticed a couple of Euromillions prize quirks as some of the usually lower prizes took home more cash than the higher ones.

This is quite a rarity when playing Euromillions and last night we saw two of the lesser number matches take home greater cash prizes than the higher number matches.

Usually when playing the National Lottery Euromillions and matching 3 numbers a player can expect to take home between £10/€17 and £13/€20 on a standard draw, however last night the prize for matching 3 numbers was just £7.20/€12 whilst people who matched 2 numbers and 1 lucky star netted £8.70/€14.

The same happened with players who matched 3 numbers and 1 lucky star, usual prize of around £20/€30 but last night only getting £12.50/€20 with 2 numbers and 2 lucky stars bagging £18.20/€30.

Even matching four numbers on the Euromillions draw for 27th November didn’t prove to be as financially rewarding as has come to be expected, winners last night took home just £41.30/€67 in comparison with usually prizes of about £75/€120.

It all comes down to the number of winners in a Euromillions draw for each prize and with Friday’s numbers being predominately under 31, it was always going to be likely that there would be more winners for the lesser prizes as players often pick birthdates, anniversaries and special occasions as their lucky numbers when they play any of the world lotto games.

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