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Euromillions Reaches Top Jackpot Cap

Last Updated: Tuesday 11th June 2013, 12:42

EuromillionsAfter an extraordinary jackpot rollover period spanning thirteen draws, the Euromillions draw on Friday, 3rd August 2012 again found no ticket holder who was able to match all five numbers and two Lucky Stars. This means the jackpot for the draw taking place tomorrow Tuesday 7th August 2012 will reach the maximum cap of €190 million –currently equating to £148 million – which was put in place by the Euromillions organisers on 17th February 2012. Read on to find out more about the jackpot cap, and what it means for Euromillions players.

The jackpot can now go no higher than €190 million, and according to Euromillions rules, can only roll over once at this figure if it is not won on Tuesday. Should there be a rollover, additional prize revenue from Tuesday’s draw will not be added to the jackpot, but instead be added to the secondary tiers. This means that you could easily scoop several million for matching five numbers and one Lucky Star, so the chances of winning big are getting greater for the players.

If the jackpot is not claimed in either Tuesday or Friday’s draw, this will mean that the jackpot will be shared amongst the winning tickets of the next prize tier. So for example, we could see those ticket holders who match five numbers and one Lucky Star scooping a share of that huge jackpot. If this does happen, given that we usually see anything between five and twenty ticket holders matching six numbers, it is more than likely that this scenario would lead to a shared jackpot situation.

Certainly, Euromillions players will be crossing their fingers that the big jackpot is won either on Tuesday or Friday’s draw to ensure as big a win as possible for players, but the only way to do that is to make sure you have got your tickets at the ready, with as many number combinations as possible. We here at certainly wish all players the best of luck, and hope the jackpot is won in the draws this week!

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