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Euromillions rollover and a SuperRaffle

Last Updated: Friday 5th November 2010, 10:25

Tonight it’s time for the Euromillions Lottery rollover, worth a massive £25 million if you don’t have your lottery tickets then today is your very last chance to buy them or you’ll miss out. However, the lottery news we’re excited about today centres around next weekend’s Euromillions draw as we’ve just heard there’s going to be a SuperRaffle to celebrate the first birthday of the Millionaire Raffle.

It’s a year this month since the Millionaire Raffle first became available for Euromillions players to play and it’s become hugely popular in the UK. In the Millionaire Raffle, each week one lucky UK lottery player is guaranteed to have the raffle number printed on their lottery ticket and walks away with the £1 million prize.

On Friday 12th November, on the first birthday of the Euromillions Millionaire Raffle there is to be a SuperRaffle where a massive ten Millionaire Raffle prizes are guaranteed to be won. Then on Christmas Eve the Euromillions are doing it again, but this time they are holding a massive 25 SuperRaffle draws, creating 25 Euromillionaires.

That’s £35 million of guaranteed up for grabs in two single Euromillions draws (not including the jackpots) and as they are all in single £1 million prizes, it’s a great chance for lots of players to share one big lottery prize. So once you have bought your Euromillions lottery tickets for tonight, don’t forget the SuperRaffle next week where you have ten chances to become a Euromillionaire!

While we are talking Millionaire Raffle it may be worth mentioning that there are several Millionaire Raffle prizes in the unclaimed lottery prizes, so if you haven’t been checking those raffle numbers then it’s time to do so!

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