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Euromillions rollover single winner

Last Updated: Saturday 31st July 2010, 10:43

After all the excitement and all the anticipation for the £23 million Euromillions rollover jackpot, the draw has taken place and the jackpot will go to a single winner who matched all five winning numbers and the two lucky stars. The winner is not from the UK, although we do not yet know which of the other eight European countries they are from. Here are the details from tonight’s Euromillions Lottery draw.

You can check the full results of the Euromillions Lottery on our lottery results page for the Euromillions rollover jackpot, which reached £23,414,853 and of course if you weren’t lucky, there’s still the £7 National Lottery rollover tonight!

As for tonight’s Euromillions draw, one lucky player scooped the jackpot and while it wasn’t a UK lottery player, we didn’t do too badly in the draw. Of course one UK lottery player scooped £1 million for matching the Millionaire Raffle number and another UK player scooped over half a million for matching five main balls and a lucky star.

In all, this week’s Euromillions Lottery draw proved very profitable for lottery players with players in the UK alone walking away with £4.7 million (including the Millionaire Raffle) in lottery prizes.

The next Euromillions Lottery draw will be held next Friday evening and the jackpot for that draw will now be reset to £12 million. Of course, as mentioned above, tonight it’s the UK National Lottery draw and with an estimated £7 million up for grabs, it’s time to buy lottery tickets for the draw now.


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