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Euromillions rolls to 36 million

Last Updated: Saturday 19th February 2011, 11:31 am

Have you checked last night’s Euromillions results yet? They were an odd bunch of numbers and a quick look at the lottery results tells us not many players selected them. Just £3.3 million was paid out to UK Lottery players in the main draw and no jackpot winner across any of the Euro Lottery countries means the Euromillions rolls to £36 million for next week’s draw. In fact, just 15 lottery players, across all nine European countries matched all five main numbers in the draw and they were broken down like this…

The Euromillions jackpot, all £24.1 million of it will rollover to next week’s draw, making next Friday’s estimated jackpot £36 million. The second tier prize paid very well, which had much to do with the fact that just 6 lottery players matched five main balls and a lucky star, just one of these players was from the UK and collects £360,605. Another 9 players matched just five main balls, three from the UK, collecting £68,222. In total £3.3 million was paid out in the main draw, plus the £1 million Millionaire Raffle winner.

Next week’s draw will be the first Euromillions double rollover of 2011 and as such as likely to be really popular with lottery players and syndicates alike. As players buy lottery tickets throughout the week, we may just see the estimated jackpot rise even higher. Don’t forget to check back for all the lottery news later in the week and of course tonight’s UK Lotto results!

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