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It's A EuroMillions Triple!

Last Updated: Thursday 22nd November 2018, 14:52

Lottery Rollover It’s a EuroMillions triple rollover jackpot this Friday 12 June, 2009, and that means you could win a whopping £50 million if you are lucky enough to get the right lottery results. Whilst we’re disappointed that nobody won the EuroMillions jackpot last week, the triple rollover jackpot gives you even more to play for, so if your numbers come up it could actually be a good thing!

Triple rollovers are even better than double rollovers for the simple reason that they’re a lot bigger. However, the odds of winning and the cost of tickets remain exactly the same as usual, so a triple rollover jackpot effectively offers better value for money. And if you win... well, with £50,000,000 at your disposal the possibilities are almost endless.

Yes, you could pick up the phone to your boss and quit your day job. And you could then rush out and buy yourself a mansion, a holiday home abroad and a garage full of flash cars. But you could do that with any lottery jackpot, so why not get a bit more creative when you think about splashing your cash?

For example, if you have a favourite singer then you could hire them to give you a private performance. Most artists will be happy to oblige if you offer them a million or two, as many an oil baron would be happy to confirm.

Or you could become a real estate tycoon, and instead of buying one or two houses, you could snap up an entire street or two. Maybe you’d like to buy yourself a small village, change the name and put yourself on the map in the most literal sense.

Okay, so maybe you wouldn’t want to go quite that far, but the point we’re trying to make here is that £50,000,000 is a LOT of money, and winning that amount could really open up the possibilities for you to do virtually anything that you want.

Of course, you have to be in it to win it, so if you fancy your chances (and remember the odds of winning any EuroMillions prize are a very attractive 1 in 24) why not buy tickets online and start thinking about what you will do if you become the next big winner?

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