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Euromillions winner remains anonymous

Last Updated: Wednesday 31st March 2010, 11:54

The £39 million winner of last Friday’s Euromillions double rollover has chosen to remain anonymous. National Lottery officials have confirmed that the monster jackpot has been paid into the bank account of the lottery winner who has chosen the ‘no publicity’ route and will now remain a secret.

It makes the whole thing a bit of a non-story for us, but we can’t blame the lucky winner. After all it was just a few weeks ago we were bringing you the news of begging letters arriving at Nigel Page and Justine Laycock’s home as they holidayed to celebrate their lotto win.

The latest Euromillions Lottery winner waited 36 hours to claim the prize, it’s not known whether that time was spent deciding what to do or whether they hadn’t realised they were a big winner.

It’s disappointing for the lottery not to get publicity from the winners story but no one could blame the winners for wanting to keep a £39 million lottery win quiet.

The next Euromillions Lottery draw will be held on Friday evening and that has an estimated jackpot of £13 million. Before then it’s the UK Lotto draw this evening, with an estimated jackpot of £2.4 million.

You can buy lotto tickets online for both draws right now, don’t forget to check back for the lottery results to see if you are the latest UK lottery millionaire.

Congratulations to the latest Euromillions Lottery winner, whoever they are, and good luck everyone playing in this week’s UK lottery draws.

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