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Euromillions winners marry in secret

Last Updated: Tuesday 4th May 2010, 10:45

After the publicity that followed becoming the UK’s biggest ever lottery winners, Nigel Page and Justine Haycock could be forgiven for being fed up of all the fuss and maybe that explains why the Euromillions winners have married in secret in a quiet registry office ceremony. This gives them equal shares of the Euromillions Lottery jackpot, which was originally just paid to Nigel Page.

The couple, who won the biggest ever UK lottery prize a couple of months ago with their £56 million Euromillions win have been deluged with publicity and hounded since their win, but although they have been together for eight years, it was just Mr Page’s name on the winning lottery cheque. This is because the couple were not married but this has now been rectified with a quick trip to the registry office using staff as witnesses.

You can’t blame the couple for wanting a quiet ceremony, especially when you consider that their every move has been reported back to the press in recent months. If any family members were upset by the move, they were soon appeased as they were whisked off to Dubai for a sumptuous holiday paid for by the lottery winners to celebrate.

This weekend we may see the heat taken off these record lottery winners, as there is potential for them to lose their current title. This Friday’s Euromillions Lottery draw is worth an estimated £67 million, which if one by a single UK ticket holder will make the new record UK lottery jackpot.

If you fancy being the next big lottery winners on the Euromillions Lottery then it’s time to buy lottery tickets for the draw, worth an estimated £67 million.

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