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Euromillions winners to move to Emmerdale

Last Updated: Tuesday 16th March 2010, 11:29

In a storyline released today we’ve just heard that Euromillions winners are set to move into the fictional town of Emmerdale for the ITV soap. However, in keeping with many lottery winner stories we bring you, this lucky family is to cause nothing but trouble in the village.

It’s a soap first and as we all know soap operas do tend to regurgitate stories, maybe that’s why the team being Emmerdale have been keeping things so hush, hush regarding the storyline.

The storyline will start later this year when a family of boozy troublemakers who have won the Euromillions Lottery are set to move into Emmerdale and cause absolute mayhem. It just shows that lottery winners are no indicator of class as the family move from a council estate into a stately home near Emmerdale and start flaunting their cash.

An ITV insider says that this storyline will be a soap first and for that reason the story has been kept very quiet until broken by the Mirror newspaper today.

The lotto winning family are set to introduce fast cars and lots of trouble to the soap, even attempting to buy the Woolpack public house before being barred for unsociable behaviour.

Like many lotto winner gone bad stories we bring you, this story just shows that even with something as massive as a Euromillions Lottery win, not all people become decent and upstanding.

We’ll be watching this story with great interest and bringing you more news when the storyline begins later this year.

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