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Euromillions winning couple are very lucky indeed

Last Updated: Wednesday 16th June 2010, 00:16

You’d think winning £12 million would be all the good luck one person could reap in a lifetime but it seems not as Friday’s winning Euromillions couple have proved by winning the Euromillions jackpot, matching three numbers on Saturday’s UK Lotto and then winning £25 on the Premium Bonds too! The lucky couple are the latest UK Euromillions Lottery winners and they walk away with £12,408,000!

The couple, Nigel and Sharon Mather were at a National Lottery press conference today to meet the press and accept their winning lottery cheque.

Last weekend was certainly a lucky weekend for the couple, Mrs Mather’s father, John Morris treated the family to a break in Minehead and while there they bought lottery tickets for both Friday’s Euromillions lottery draw and Saturday’s UK Lotto. After returning from holiday, Mrs Mather checked the lottery tickets and could hardly believe that all five main balls and the two lucky stars had been matched, she then had to call her husband to give him the good news.

It seems that Lady Luck was shining down as on Saturday night’s Lotto draw, the couple also won £10 for matching three balls, Mr Mather also won £25 on the Premium Bonds this week.

It’s not the first time the couple have had a run in with luck either, a couple of years ago they matched five main balls on a £9 million lottery draw, that scooped them over £2,000 but one has to wonder if they will still buy lottery tickets, now they have hit the big time?

Congratulations to the winning couple, this Friday’s Euromillions jackpot is worth £12 million too and if you buy lottery tickets now, you could be the next big Euromillions Lottery winners.

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