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Farmer Harvests a Lotto Win

Last Updated: Tuesday 18th July 2006, 14:53 pm

Bill Othen, a farmer from Alton, is celebrating an early harvest of the Lotto type after matching five numbers and the bonus ball to win £86,110 on 24 June.

Bill, who is 68 years of age and married to Rita, works at Winchfield Court Farm in Winchfield. He plays the same numbers regularly - the ages and birthdays of his daughters and three grandchildren. He also buys his tickets from the same place each week - from the Total Convenience Store on Winchester Road in Four Marks. Some people might say that his habitual play patterns might have helped him to get lucky, but it could have been his joke about winning the Lotto moments before the draw took place that made the fickle finger of fate point in his direction…

His daughter Julie had paid a visit to the family home to show him the new car that she had bought earlier that day. Bill describes what happened next:

"I told Julie that I also needed a new car and that we'd go out the next day to have a look at some. In the next breath, I said that it would be nice to win the lottery to go with it. It was amazing - moments before the draw I had been wishing that we would win and then we did. I never thought that it would be me, but this time it was!"

Bill discovered that he had won in real time as he watched the draw take place live on television.

"I was watching the Saturday night draw at home with my wife Rita when we discovered we had won. We were shocked and excited, and phoned the family immediately to tell them the good news."

And what will he be spending his money on? Well, there are no surprises here: "Top of the shopping list is definitely that new car I need. I want to buy a Peugeot 207. The rest of the money is going into the bank for the moment."

For Bill at least, wishing out loud for a Lotto win paid off handsomely. Whilst we can't guarantee that the same principle will work for everyone, we're willing to give anything a go just in case. How about you?

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