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Fifteen years of Lotto Millionaires

Last Updated: Thursday 24th September 2020, 16:03

It’s something many of us can just dream of, winning the lotto and becoming an instant millionaire. This month the National Lottery is celebrating fifteen years of millionaires and absolutely billions have been given away in that time. Of course when the lotto first begun it was creating a maximum of fifty two millionaires a year, twice weekly draws soon followed and that could mean more than one hundred millionaires ever single year.

That’s potentially over 1,500 millionaires in the UK since the launch of the National Lottery back in 1994, quite an achievement we’re sure you’ll agree.

It’s not just winners who have benefitted either, the lottery has raised hundreds of millions of pounds in taxes and good causes across the UK, keeping old buildings standing and improving communities across the UK.

So as the National Lottery celebrates its fifteenth birthday we can look back at some of the transitions it has gone through in that time.

When the lottery launched back in 1994, there was just one lottery draw, the main National Lottery draw, held once weekly on a Saturday evening. It was a new thing and no one had ever seen anything like it, that meant that jackpots were high and players were keen to try out the draw.

Soon a Wednesday draw was introduced, giving you two opportunities a week to buy lottery tickets and two chances to become an instant millionaire. Jackpots tailed off as players settled into a routine.

Soon followed the Thunderball, Dream Number, Daily Play and most recently the Euromillions Lottery and now fifteen years on, National Lottery players have a huge amount of opportunities every week to play different draws.

It’s been an exciting fifteen years and no doubt the next fifteen will bring many changes and hopefully another 1,500 millionaires!

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