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Final Lotto Plus 5 Draw on Tuesday 1st October 2013

Last Updated: Friday 16th January 2015, 09:27

Earlier this year the UK Lotto announced they would be making a number of changes to the main lotto game. These include increasing the jackpots, altering the secondary tier prize payouts and closing the daily Lotto Plus 5 game to make way for the brand new Lotto Raffle.

Lotto Plus 5 was launched in February 2011 and was attached to the main Lotto game. For a small extra cost, players could opt to enter their UK Lotto numbers into another prize draw (held daily, except on Lotto draw days) which could see them have a second chance to win up to £250,000. Effectively, it gave players an additional five chances to win a prize with their Lotto numbers.

However, the new changes which are due to be implemented at the start of October 2013 will see the end of this game in order to make room for the newest game to the UK Lotto portfolio, the Lotto Raffle. The Lotto Raffle will see every player of the UK Lotto entered into a raffle to win one of at least 50 £20,000 prizes per draw.

The Lotto Plus 5 will have its final draw on Tuesday 1st October 2013 and players can buy tickets for the draw up until Wednesday 25th September 2013. Players who wish to try their hand at being one of the last winners on this game are advised to buy their tickets ASAP to ensure they do not miss the cut-off date.

Tickets for the new UK Lotto game with the Lotto Raffle will be available to buy from Thursday 3rd October 2013. From today until this point you will only be able to buy tickets up until this date instead of the usual eight weeks in advance (if buying online). Usual ticket sales will resume as of the 3rd October 2013.


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