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Five unclaimed lottery prizes for August

Last Updated: Wednesday 21st July 2010, 11:10 am

It would seem that many lottery players from around the UK had a very forgetful February as there are five unclaimed lottery prizes to expire this August if the winners don’t come forward. Many winners have just a couple of weeks left to claim and one, just a few more days so we thought we’d give a rundown of the unclaimed lottery prizes in the hope that we can jog someone’s memory.

None of the unclaimed lottery prizes are jackpots, but they are still life-changing amounts of money and they are for lottery tickets sold up and down the UK, so it’s possible one might be in your area.

First up is a five and the bonus prize for the Lotto draw held on 10th February, the prize is worth £60,415 and the winner has only until 9th August to come forward and present the lottery ticket, purchased in the Telford area.

Next up is an £81,698 lottery prize, also for matching five and the bonus on 13th February UK Lotto draw. This winning lottery ticket was sold in the Newcastle upon Tyne area and expires on August 12th.

Next we go to the Borough of Tameside for a five and the bonus win worth £87,749. This lottery ticket was sold for the 17th February National Lottery draw and the winner only has until August 16th to come forward.

The next deadline is 19th August and that’s when a five and the bonus winner from West Lancashire loses their lottery prize to good causes. This ticket was for the February 20th Lottery draw and is worth £114,939!

The final unclaimed lottery prize expires on 30th August and is worth more than any of the others. This prize, also a five and the bonus prize is for the 3rd March UK Lotto draw and is worth a massive £117,944.

Maybe then the weather brightened up and everyone hung up the winter coats with the winning lottery ticket stuffed in the pocket. Did you change your handbag? That winning lottery ticket could be in the bottom! It’s your last chance to find it, time is running out!

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