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Florida Scratchcard Millionaire

Last Updated: Wednesday 23rd September 2020, 14:35

A Florida scratchcard millionaire was made when a Florida Lottery player won a top prize of $1 million in the $600 Million High Roller game. The $600 Million High Roller scratchcard was launched by the Florida Lottery on 21 January, 2008, and boasts $600,000,000 in cash prizes, including twenty top prizes of $1 million and more than 2,000 prizes worth $20,000.

The $600 Million High Roller game costs $30, but that isn’t as much as it sounds when you consider the size of the top prizes and the fact that the overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 2.43.

The latest $600 Million High Roller millionaire is Mohammad Qureshi, a 63 year old who bought his ticket from the Palm Center Supermarket in Hialeah, Florida. He decided to take his prize as a cash lump sum worth $715,670, and he will no doubt be living it up in Florida now that his $30 investment has made him financially secure for the rest of his life.

Mohammed isn’t the only person celebrating a Florida Lottery scratchcards win. A 52 year old scratchcard player called Cathy Petty recently bought a $20 Billion Dollar Blockbuster ticket and won a $10,000 cash prize. As the name of the game suggests, the Billion Dollar Blockbuster game offers over $1 billion in prizes, including ten top prizes of $10 million each. The overall odds of winning any prize in the Billion Dollar Blockbuster are 1 in 2.98, and as Cathy discovered, a $10,000 win is not to be sniffed at!

The Florida Lottery has been raising money for educational programmes since 1988, and so far lottery ticket sales have generated a massive $19 billion for the good cause.

Although most online lottery scratchcard games don’t offer prizes of a million, they generally don’t cost nearly as much to play. And as any online scratchcard winner will tell you, picking up a prize of £10,000, £50,000 or even £200,000 can feel just as exciting and life-changing as landing an even bigger prize. Take a look at our own Casino and you might discover this for yourself!

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