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Fourth time lucky for Euromillions players

Last Updated: Friday 7th May 2010, 11:13

It’s been three weeks now without a winner so will it be fourth time lucky for Euromillions players tonight? Every week the jackpot has rolled and climbed at an alarming rate, that means tonight’s Euromillions Lottery draw is worth an estimated £67 million to a single winning ticketholder, surely worth buying lottery tickets for.

It’s been a few weeks since we had a big Euromillions Lottery winner in the UK and if tonight’s £67 million Euromillions Lottery jackpot is won by a UK Lottery player, then it will become a new record jackpot. It puts the £56 million won by Nigel Page and Justine Laycock in the shade so if you want the chance to become the biggest ever UK lottery winner then buy lottery tickets now for the draw.

There are nine European countries participating in the Euromillions Lottery draw but us Brits have been lucky recently and that could mean another UK Euromillions winner. Of course it could be another rollover, an event which is sure to create lottery frenzy across the UK next week.

Imagine what you could buy with £67 million, it’s hard to put it into perspective but if you’re worried about how to pay for your summer holidays this year then how about a Boeing 737? A cool £35 million, you’d even have enough for a runway at your £3 million country mansion.

If you’re dreaming of a champagne lifestyle on a minimum wage budget then the £67 million Euromillions rollover jackpot might be worth a try, lottery tickets are just £2 each for the draw and you even get an entry into the Millionaire Raffle where you could be the guaranteed £1 million UK raffle winner.

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