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Grand National Lottery

Last Updated: Friday 4th June 2010, 17:03

Lottery Split A family of horse racing enthusiasts are celebrating a ‘grand’ national lottery win after matching all six numbers in the Lotto draw of Saturday 18 October, 2008. Four tickets shared the £4.53 million, so each winner picked up a cool £1,134,695.

Colin and Tina Halford from Tamworth in Staffordshire have two adult children, and their 23 year old son Marc is an up-and-coming amateur jockey, so the family are always keeping their fingers crossed that they will saddle a winner. However, when they won the Lotto and more than £1 million in the process, they didn’t know a thing about it for a week, as Colin explained...

“We were going for a drink at the local pub so we decided to stop off at the newsagents on the way,” he said. “I went in while Tina waited in the car and gave our tickets to the lady behind the counter. She put one in the machine and told me we had won £10 and she then said she had to double check the other line – we even joked about it being the winning ticket! Then once she checked it, she said they couldn’t pay it out and we had to ring The National Lottery. We looked at other in disbelief and after checking the numbers, one by one, I found out we had potentially won over a million pounds!”

Stunned by his discovery, Colin returned to the car to tell Tina his National Lottery news. As you might expect, she initially thought he was joking. “I didn’t believe him at first but I was shaking like a leaf,” she said. “We sat in the car and phoned the lottery line to check the numbers once more and then met our friends in the pub before phoning the family to tell them the good news. I’m still in shock and what is even more amazing is that we were millionaires for a week and didn’t even know it!”

The Halfords are now looking forward to taking a luxury Mediterranean cruise, which will be their first holiday for two years. We expect they are also looking forward to watching their son Marc ride plenty more winners in the future!

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