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How a Lotto Win Can Turn Deadly

Last Updated: Friday 17th July 2009, 12:52 pm

Most of dream of financial security in the belief that it will improve our standard of living and make our lives better. We buy our lotto tickets week on week in the hope of that multi-million lottery win but recent research suggests that a lotto win can actually be deadly and shorten our lives, making us ill through the hedonistic lifestyle that is often associated with a lottery win.

The study goes against past studies that suggest that people who are wealthy have longer lives as it shows that winning the lottery will make you happier but your life of luxury may be cut short. This is down to excessive partying, too much smoking and drinking causing long term health problems for many people who land a lottery jackpot by picking the winning numbers.

It’s not all bad news as it is known that winning big on the lottery does improve our mental health, it means we have less to worry about and financial security certainly does a lot for our state of minds. However, the bigger the win, the scarier the potential for ruining your health with living it up and doing things that are unhealthy to excess.

The study used data collected on around 8,000 players who had won big money lottery prizes in the UK between 1994 when the National Lottery launched and 2005 and has been presented at an Institute of Social and Economic research conference to show how lottery winners are known to overdose on hedonism.

An interesting study although I’m sure it won’t stop any of us buying our lottery tickets in the hope of becoming a big jackpot winner.

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