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How lucky are your Euromillions numbers?

Last Updated: Monday 7th December 2009, 09:14 am

Euromillions We all have our own ways of picking our Euromillions lottery numbers. Some people use birthdays, some have their own lucky numbers, others use number generators and some even leave it up to the fickle finger of fate. A whole industry has grown around predicting the next winning numbers using everything from iPhone applications to astronomy and even psychics have jumped on the bandwagon to get inspiration from 'the other side' but just how lucky are your Euromillions numbers for the National Lottery?

The first area we need to look at is just how often each of the Euromillions lottery balls has actually dropped from the machine. The first thing to notice is that the two numbers that have actually been drawn the most are number 37 which has made thirty nine appearances and number 50 which is the most frequently drawn number dropping 47 times, making it by far the luckiest number on this National Lottery game from Camelot. This little fact does not make it look good for you if you are using birthdays to predict your numbers because of course birthdays stop at 31.

There are several National Lottery Euromillions numbers that just do not seem to want to drop from the machine. These include numbers 28 and 46 which have only make eighteen appearances each. These are closely followed by number 39 which has only made twenty one showings, 27 which has only dropped twenty three times and numbers 32 and 48 not that far in front on twenty four visits.

When it comes to the lucky stars there is a difference of nineteen visits between the luckiest and unluckiest numbers called. Leading the way with seventy six visits each are numbers 4 and 5 closely followed by number 3 which is sitting pretty on 73 appearances in the Euromillions draw. By far the unluckiest of the lucky stars is shy number 4 which has only dropped from the machines on 57 occasions closely followed by number 2 with 60 appearances to date.

There are several numbers that are long overdue to make an appearance. Number 27 has not dropped for well over a year and last saw the light of day four hundred and sixty nine days ago. Numbers 1 and 3 are both fast approaching the year mark too so are they the unluckiest numbers or are they just long overdue for a visit? Only time will tell.

What does all of this mean then? What numbers should you pick to change your life? To be honest a lot of people with a lot bigger brains then us have tried to figure out a magical equation to predict future Euromillions or UK Lotto results and we can look at statistics as long as we like to enhance our chances of winning but at the end of the day it all comes down to good old fashioned luck.

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