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Hunt for Croydon Lottery Winner

Last Updated: Wednesday 12th September 2018, 12:13

The hunt is on for a lotto winner who is holding a winning ticket worth over £1 million! The ticket was sold in the Croydon area and the ticket matched all the winning numbers in the Lotto draw on May 16th 2009. The ticket is worth £1,316,462 and now lottery officials are urging players to check all their old lottery tickets in the hope of the winner coming forward.

The draw was held on May 16th 2009 and the lottery results for that draw were 1 – 5 – 9 – 27 – 42 and 45. The National Lottery are desperately trying to locate the winner, especially as the jackpot is such a life-changing amount of money.

They are urging players to check all of their old lottery tickets and look for missing tickets that may be in a forgotten pocket or handbag. The champagne is on ice and the cheque is written, all that they are waiting for now is the lucky lottery winner to come forward.

It’s not known whether the ticket is a lucky dip or regular numbers but hopefully seeing the numbers and the date will jog the winners memory. Time is of the essence as the winner only has until 5.30pm on November 12th 2009 so claim their prize.

If no one comes forward with the winning tickets before the deadline then the prize money, plus all the interest generated will go to the National Lottery good causes.

If you believe you may be holding the winning ticket then you need to call the National Lottery claim line on 0845 910 0000 and do it now!

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