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Inventor sues National Lottery

Last Updated: Monday 22nd February 2010, 01:26

An Inventor from Halifax is suing National Lottery operator Camelot over a scratchcard game the inventor claims is based on his own idea. The inventor, Henry Michael Pattison is suing the National Lottery for copyright infringement over a series of scratchcards based on a dice game.

Mr Pattison claims that the scratchcards are based on a board game he invented called Combinations. The game involves each player throwing two dice and the combinations that throws up. The 73-year old is claiming several of Camelot’s games, On a roll, Cloud 9, and Lucky Dice doubles all infringe the games copyright.

Since the launch of this group of scratchcards by the National Lottery more than 85 million have been printed and sold, this is why Mr Pattison is claiming 10p of each scratchcard sold plus a return from internet sales from the National Lottery website. If successful his claim to copyright could be worth over £8 million, almost as good as a winning lotto ticket!

A bankrupt, Mr Pattison has spent his life savings on his inventions and so will be representing himself in court against Camelot in March 4th. He clearly feels that Camelot have taken advantage of him by stealing one of his ideas but whether a court will agree is debatable.

A spokesman for Camelot seemed to give the issue little concern, saying they believe that Mr Pattison’s claim is entirely without foundation and will fight in court.

The case is to be heard on March 4th in the Patents Court in London after being referred from Halifax County Court.

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