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Irish Lottery Christmas Millionaire Raffle 2012

Last Updated: Wednesday 29th July 2020, 14:29

Every year the National Lottery in Ireland gives players the chance to win one of many prizes in the special Millionaire Raffle. The Irish Lottery Christmas Millionaire Raffle will again take place on New Year’s Eve and in total there are a whopping 2,236 prizes on offer to win however tickets for this draw aren’t like usual lottery tickets. Christmas Millionaire Raffle tickets come with the number printed on already and there are a limited amount of tickets available therefore if you fancy winning a prize this festive season get your Irish Lottery raffle tickets now.

In the Christmas Millionaire Raffle the Irish Lottery gives away a large number of prizes that range from €500 and then go all the way up to €1 million. The prizes breakdown for this Irish Lottery Christmas draw is:

  • One prize - €1 million
  • One prizes - €250,000
  • Four prizes - €100,000
  • Ten prizes - €10,000
  • 20 prizes - €5,000
  • 100 prizes - €1,000
  • 2,100 prizes - €500

This Christmas Millionaire Raffle draw will take place in two stages. The first stage sees the 2,236 tickets being drawn out of one drum and then the second stage sees these tickets being placed in a drum then picked out again with the corresponding prizes value.

Therefore if you fancy winning a prize in this Irish Lottery Christmas draw get your tickets sooner rather than later because there are a limited number of them and you never know, you could end up winning yourself a late Christmas present.

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