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Irish Lottery Christmas Millionaire Raffle

Last Updated: Thursday 14th April 2016, 11:06

Irish LotteryOn New Year’s Eve (31st December 2011) whilst people were greeting in the New Year in style the Irish Lottery Christmas Millionaire Raffle took place. This special Irish Lottery draw attracted many players as there were in total a colossal 2,236 prizes available to win to all who bought a Christmas Millionaire Raffle ticket. The top prize on offer in this super raffle draw was set at €1 million, so many players were hoping that their raffle number would be drawn. 

The Christmas Millionaire Raffle number to be drawn that took home the €1 million prize was 009060. The next prize in this special Irish Lottery raffle draw was worth €250,000 and the raffle number to win this prize was 074488. The following prize tiers were set at €100,000, €10,000, €5,000, €1,000 and then the smallest prize available to win was set at €500.

As the results consist of over 2,000 raffle numbers listing all of them would take too long, however you can view a full list of the Irish Lottery Christmas Millionaire Raffle numbers drawn by clicking the link below:

Irish Lottery Christmas Millionaire Raffle Results 2011

If you check your results and find that you have won one of the many prizes on offer then it is worth a note that you have just 90 days to claim your prize before your ticket will expire. Therefore, if you have only checked the €1 million raffle number then be sure to look at other numbers drawn as you never know you could have won yourself a prize worth at least €500.


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