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Irish Lottery Jackpot Estimated at €5 Million

Last Updated: Monday 6th August 2012, 16:40

Irish LotteryTomorrow night sees the Irish Lottery have its second draw of the week and the jackpot is estimated at €5 million. This top prize has rolled over an impressive five times, so the question is will the Irish Lottery witness a sixth rollover, or will any players match all six of the main numbers drawn to walk away with the jackpot? 2012 is yet to have any Irish Lottery jackpot winners, so we shall have to wait and see if any players will have the "luck of the Irish" with them in tomorrow's draw.

The last time there was a jackpot winner in the Irish Lottery was on the 31st December 2011, when one winning ticket that was sold in the Mid-West scooped the top prize of €4,164,479. Since then no players have been fortunate to match the Irish Lottery results, therefore it will be interesting to see if tomorrow night’s draw finds a jackpot winner.

When selecting numbers to play this lottery with it can be helpful to look at the Irish Lottery statistics to see which numbers are drawn more than others. The more popular numbers in this lottery game include:

  • 38, 2, 3, 12, 39 and 32.

In addition to this the Irish Lottery has some numbers which are overdue and these are:

  • 35, 43, 39, 38, 8 and 21.

As you can see two of these numbers 38 and 39 appear in both categories, meaning not only have they been drawn more than other numbers, but also they haven’t been in the Irish Lottery results since November 2011.

Whether any of these numbers will get selected in tomorrow night’s draw remains to be seen, however if you like the sound of becoming a millionaire come Sunday morning have your tickets ready for when this draw takes place.

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