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It wasnt me for Euromillions

Last Updated: Friday 25th June 2010, 11:29 am

A UK lottery player has been forced to stand up and announce it wasn’t him who won the record £84 million jackpot on the Euromillions Lottery a few weeks ago after receiving begging letters from as far afield as China. The unfounded rumour started immediately after the result that the lucky Euromillions winner was an Asian gentleman from Blackburn, Lancs but whoever it was, it wasn’t this unfortunate soul who has been deluged with requests for cash.

Considering this, it’s little wonder the lottery winner chose anonymity after the £84 million Lottery win six weeks ago. The gentleman has been absolutely bombarded with begging letters and unusual requests from all over the world and understandably he’s sick of it. So much so that he has asked a National newspaper to print the story, telling the world he is not the Euromillions winner.

Since the big win, the Euromillions Lottery has seen a winner every single week until now. Tonight’s Euromillions rollover is the first for six weeks and with an estimated £23 million up for grabs, it’s your last chance to buy lottery tickets for the draw.

If you do get lucky and match those elusive numbers in tonight’s draw, it may be well worth keeping mum about your good fortune, or you might just get lost under the pile of begging letters you’ll receive!

Check back later for the full Euromillions lottery results and you can find out if you’re the latest Euromillions Lottery rollover winner! Good luck!

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