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Jack Duckworth wins the Lotto

Last Updated: Wednesday 14th April 2010, 00:14

Rumours flying around the internet have suggested that Jack Duckworth may win the Lotto in his final storyline for the show. Bill Tarmey has recently decided to quit the show in a shock decision from the veteran actor and now sources have revealed that a lotto win may be the way to do so.

ITV officials are said to be keen to leave an open-ended storyline to give the much-loved character the chance to come back if he wishes and one of the ideas being thrown around by writers is to write him out with a lottery win.

It would certainly make a happier ending than his wife had, she died in one of the most poignant storylines the soap has ever seen but it doesn’t really tie in with soap tradition.

Characters are traditionally knocked over by a speeding car, or shot in the soaps and there certainly isn’t meant to be happy endings.

It was recently suggested that Emmerdale might bring in a Euromillions winning family, but this storyline isn’t to be a happy ending. It’s said that the council estate dwelling family are going to win a big Euromillions Lottery jackpot and then move to a stately home, causing no end of trouble for the Emmerdale residents.

Tarmey’s final scenes for Jack Duckworth are planned to coincide with the Street’s 50th anniversary episode later this year. We’ll all have to watch and wait to see if he walks off the street holding a winning lottery ticket.

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