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Jackpot for Factory Workers

Last Updated: Thursday 22nd November 2018, 14:58

The rollover jackpot worth £7,603,209 on 1 December was won by a syndicate of sixteen workers at a Warwick factory that makes fire pumps for the emergency services industry. The workers, who are all employed by Hale Products Europe, shared the jackpot evenly to give each of them a personal fortune of £475,200.

Phil Harrhy, who leads the syndicate, found out about the win when his boss phoned him at home to say that they might have won the top rollover prize. That was when Phil’s laid back Saturday night in front of the TV suddenly became a lot more exciting.

“First of all I panicked that I had not put the numbers on, but being as I
do everything online I realised I could relax,” Phil explained. “After that sigh of relief, I had the problem of not being able to go online at home. I dashed around to the neighbours and we checked the tickets and there they were…all six numbers.

“I then had to wait until we knew how many winners there were and what the final figure would be. In among all this, the phone was going from my boss and other syndicate members asking what was happening. Finally it was announced that there was only one winning ticket and we were rich”.

The syndicate have been playing the lottery together for seven years, and pick their numbers every three months. They play sixteen tickets in total, so each member pays £1, and it goes without saying that each member is delighted by the profit they have managed to make.

Phil is now planning to enjoy his new-found financial security by renovating his house and buying a new car. He also intends to make Christmas 2007 extra special for himself and his wife Susan.

“I am still coming to terms with such a big win, the timing is perfect, I don’t have to worry about things now,” he said.

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