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Jackpot rolls over for National Lottery

Last Updated: Thursday 7th July 2011, 15:59

Lottery Rollover Last nights’ draw for the National Lottery failed to find a jackpot winner which means that jackpot for Wednesdays draw is going to be approximately £7 million! With the news that the jackpot rollsover for the National Lottery comes yet another big jackpot prize up for grabs from the UK Lotto. With many players using birthdays as their numbers, it is often found that rollovers occur when at least half of the numbers drawn are over the number 31.

Saturday nights draw was made on Arthur with set of balls number 2 and the six numbers were 9,24,30,32,36 and 40 with the bonus ball number 35. The jackpot, had it been won, was £4,883,722 and although no jackpot winners were found for this National Lottery draw, there were nine lucky winners who all bagged an impressive £166,695 each by matching 5 numbers and the bonus ball.

When people choose their National Lottery numbers and buy Lotto tickets they often use the same numbers and superstition means that they don’t differ from their original numbers. This is understandable, you would hate to change your numbers only to find that the following draw that they all came out.  With the news that the jackpot rolls over for National Lottery again, why not add an extra line to your tickets and try using an equal variety of numbers, half under the number 31 and half from 32-49.

You only have to look at the results for the last five rollovers (including last nights’ draw) to see that statistically, less people choose numbers above 31 when playing the UK Lotto making the likelihood of a rollover higher when at least 3 or more numbers drawn are above this number:

  • Rollover 7th November 19,21,39,44,45,49
  • Rollover 4th November 1,2,23,39,42,49
  • Rollover 28th October 24,25,34,38,,41,43
  • Rollover 21st October 5,9,12,31,32,38

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