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Lancashire Lottery Syndicate Success

Last Updated: Wednesday 8th April 2009, 10:12 am

Lottery Syndicate A syndicate of thirteen nurses who all work for Renacres Private Hospital in Ormskirk, Lancashire are celebrating a National Lottery win of £74,827 after matching five main numbers and the bonus ball number in the Lotto draw of Saturday 28 March, 2009.

Each nurse in the syndicate is an equal member, so they all receive £5,755 each. That’s not a huge amount, and probably won’t be considered life-changing, but it will enable the nurses to enjoy a lottery splurge and no doubt continue playing the Lotto in the hope of landing an even bigger win in the future.

The syndicate is led by recovery nurse Carol Hirst, who explains how she came to discover that they had been lucky with their lottery results: “I had been away for the weekend with my husband and so I hadn’t checked the tickets on Saturday or Sunday as I normally do,” she said. “But something made me dig out the numbers at 7.00am on Monday morning before leaving for work and there it was – the very first line matching five numbers and the bonus ball.

"I couldn’t believe it, especially as I had been thinking of dropping out of the syndicate the previous week! I called one of the other nurses straight away who was over the moon, not just because she was five grand richer but because I had also woken her up – she had overslept and was late for work!”

When Carol went to work and shared the good news with her fellow lottery syndicate members, they initially thought she was playing an April Fools Day prank on them. Then the lottery organisers confirmed the win and a celebratory mood replaced the initial scepticism.

“The atmosphere just got better and better,” Carol said. “I am not sure what the patients must have made of us on Monday – we were all on such a high! The news spread like wildfire around the hospital and everybody was really pleased for us. Even the patients were congratulating us as we were treating them!”

The syndicate members are now drawing up their own lottery shopping lists, with home improvements, holidays, debt repayments and new cars proving popular.

“We haven’t arranged a party yet because we all work different hours,” Carol said, “but no doubt we’ll have a celebration when we are next all together. Whatever we do, this win is very welcome for all of the staff, especially at the moment.”

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