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Lottery Dream Comes True

Last Updated: Wednesday 25th May 2011, 16:06 pm

An Australian Tattslotto player who dreamed that he had won almost "$1 million" and reported the premonition to his wife the following morning saw his dream come true when he won $1,035,300 in the next Saturday draw.

The player, who lives in Moonee Ponds, said: "When I told her about my dream my wife wouldn't believe that I was going to win Tattslotto. I said that she would be able to have some home renovations done and have a swimming pool put in the backyard. Now I can't believe it has actually happened."

Tattslotto is one of the most popular lotteries in Australia, and has been operated by Tattersall's since it was first introduced to the nation in 1972. Players are required to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 45. During the draw, a total of eight balls are selected. The first six are the winning numbers and the next two are supplementary numbers. Players need to match all six winning numbers to win the top prize, which is guaranteed to be worth $4 million and is often worth more. Of course, if several Tattslotto players match all six winning numbers the jackpot fund - referred to as the Division One fund - is shared between them.

The man who dreamed about his lottery win and saw it come true is now planning how to spend his new-found fortune. "I will now pay off our mortgage, get those home renovations done and put the pool in the backyard," he said. "Meanwhile, I don't think my wife will believe that I have really won until I show her the cheque."

Whilst some players dream of the actual numbers to play, the Moonee Ponds winner didn't. So how did is he choose his numbers?

"Those numbers, which I have been playing for about a year, are combinations of my children's birthdays and some street numbers," he explained.

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