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Lottery Funding helps tourism

Last Updated: Thursday 24th September 2020, 16:02

Despite the rain and poor weather, the UK has always attracted many tourists from around the world. Of course they are interested in our heritage and culture and thanks to fifteen years of lottery funding by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the UK Lotto is actually helping tourism by maintaining and renovating these jewels in our crown.

Of course fifteen years of the National Lottery means fifteen years of lottery funding and that in itself is worth not millions but billions of pounds into old building, museums and many other interesting places that may otherwise be forgotten.

All of this lottery funding for good causes of course has a knock-on effect, as buildings are renovated by lottery funds and then opened to the public, jobs are created. Buildings need curators, cleaners, gift staff shop and security which means jobs in many different sectors.

But the biggest effect of lottery funding is that these old forgotten parts of our heritage and culture that may otherwise be forgotten are still there, for years to come. That means that not only tourists but every single one of us, our children and grandchildren will be able to see history brought to life by lottery funding by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

All this is made possible every time you buy lottery tickets, you the British public are effectively making this huge difference. So next time you think that Heritage funds may be better spent on community projects, schools and other organisations just stop and consider what a difference this makes.

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