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Lottery Jackpot expires Wednesday

Last Updated: Tuesday 21st September 2010, 00:31

Often there are unclaimed lottery prizes on the National Lottery. Tens of thousands every year go into the fund for good causes but it’s not often that a lottery jackpot goes unclaimed. This may be due to the amount of coverage that unclaimed lottery jackpots get, even the biggest National Lottery unclaimed prize-winner knew he had bought the ticket, worth £3.5 million but couldn’t find it. So to hear that a jackpot worth over £1.5 million is going to expire on Wednesday is a shocking bit of news.

We have put out several pleas for the National Lottery winner to come forward, there have also been stories in the National and local press. Despite the pleas, no one has come forward to claim the lottery prize, worth £1,524,177 and if not claimed by 5pm on Wednesday, the entire unclaimed lottery prize, plus any interest it has accrued will go into the fund for good causes.

Now if you buy lottery tickets in the Borough of South Tyneside and you think you had tickets for the National Lottery Saturday draw held on 27th March 2010 then you need to find your lottery tickets. The £4.5 million jackpot was shared three ways and two of the lottery winners are already spending and enjoying their life-changing fortune as we speak, the third lottery ticket could be hiding in a long-forgotten place and after Wednesday will be worthless!

The hunt is on and time is running out, get searching now!

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