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Lottery Lout sells home

Last Updated: Tuesday 10th August 2010, 00:42 am

National LotteryMichael Carroll, the lottery winner dubbed the ‘Lottery Lout’ by the national press has just agreed a sale on the dream home he ruined with his ‘party lifestyle’. Michael Carroll scooped over £9 million on the National Lottery eight years ago but pretty soon it was his hedonistic lifestyle, not his lottery win getting him in the lottery news pages. After his win, the 27-year old spent £340,000 on his dream home and a further £400,000 renovating it.

Now the house is sold, in its wrecked state for just $142,000, a huge loss for the once-millionaire who is now back to being a self-proclaimed dole bum. To add insult to injury, Carroll won’t even be left with that paltry amount. Once he has paid the fees and paid off his ex-wife, he’ll be left with just £63,000.

Mr Carroll says he doesn’t regret a thing that has happened since his lottery results came up, but I’m sure most of us would regret losing every penny of a £9 million lottery win.

It’s a lesson for all of us to learn, there’s living the high life and then there’s being completely mad, Carroll was clearly the latter.

The next UK Lotto draw will be held tomorrow evening and the jackpot for that draw is an estimated £2.4 million. If your lottery tickets turn out to be lucky ones, be a little more prudent than Mr Carroll won’t you? Good luck to all those buying lottery tickets in Wednesday’s National Lottery draw, be sure to check back for all the latest results and lottery news.

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