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Lottery Luck in Liverpool

Last Updated: Thursday 22nd November 2018, 14:51

National Lottery Lottery luck made Liverpool lottery player Tommy Roberts £2,390,831 million richer on Saturday 13 June, 2009. Tommy, who is 38 and works as an underwriter, matched all six main numbers in the Lotto draw to win a half share of the jackpot, which was worth £4,781,662. The other half was won by an equally lucky syndicate of social workers in Bedfordshire.

Tommy discovered his win on Tuesday night when he was reading his newspaper in bed. His girlfriend Vikki was downstairs. He doesn’t check his numbers regularly, but noticed that the lottery results published in the paper matched his own selections.

“I raced downstairs to tell Vikki, and we double checked the numbers, and then triple checked the numbers,” Tommy said. “Even now it’s all been confirmed, it still hasn’t sunk in, and I didn’t sleep a wink on Tuesday night.”

As an underwriter, Tommy is experienced in being cautious and not rushing into things, so it’s no surprise that he intends to continue working, at least for the short term. “I’ve been with the company for nearly 15 years, and I’ll be going back to work for now, while I decide what to do with the money.”

So what does an underwriter think of doing when one of his lottery tickets wins him a jackpot prize of £2.39 million?

“I would definitely like a house, a new car and a holiday,” Tommy said, “but I’m not sure about the specifics yet! I know Vikki is desperate to go to the Maldives, so I’m sure that will be on the cards. It’s a dream destination for her. I think I’ll also treat myself to a nice guitar, as although I’m not brilliant at it, I enjoy having a jam every now and then.

“It’ll be nice to help my mum out too,” he continued. “We’ve lived with her for a few years now, as it’s been a help financially for me and Vikki, as well as giving mum some extra money. Mum has been working two jobs, as a school cook and a cleaner, so I like to think she’ll give that up now and have a well-deserved rest.”

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