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Lottery Players are Superstitious

Last Updated: Monday 12th October 2009, 12:21 pm

Horseshoe Surely you pays your money, you take your chance? If luck is with you then you win the lottery, if not then you try again next week. You’d think so but it seems that lottery players are a superstitious bunch and many believe that karma, luck and superstitions play a huge part in whether they win the life changing jackpot or not.

Three thousand lottery players were asked to take part in a survey to see whether lottery players are superstitious and the results make interesting reading.

Half of all lottery players surveyed said they avoided walking under ladders and make a wish when blowing out birthday candles. Forty percent said they regularly ‘touched wood’ and a third of lottery players surveyed said they saluted when they saw a magpie.

Interestingly, of those surveyed who had actually had a decent lottery win, a third believed they were given a lucky sign before the win.

Surely a lottery win is purely chance, lottery results drawn at random and if you chose the same random numbers that are drawn then you are a lucky lottery winner.

Maybe so but lottery players appear to be wearing their lucky pants, hoping a black cat crosses their path and looking out for two magpies just in case.

Are you superstitious? Do you believe that something as simple as a magpie can change your luck for the day? It seems that most of the UK are very superstitious and are hoping their good ‘luck’ will get them a lucky lottery ticket.  

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