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Lottery prize unclaimed in Ireland

Last Updated: Tuesday 3rd July 2018, 12:37

A major lottery  prize remains unclaimed in Northern Ireland as the National Lottery reveals that Irish players are among the most forgetful in the UK when it comes to claiming winning lottery tickets. The prize, worth £149,000 was sold in the County Tyrone area of Ireland and time is running out for the lucky lottery player to claim.

The winning lotto ticket which is worth over £149,000 was sold in the County Tyrone area of Northern Ireland for the draw held on October 3rd. The winning ticket for the draw matched five main balls and the bonus ball which you can check on our lottery results page.

The player has a while yet but on April 1st that winning ticket runs out and the cash, plus any interest it has earned will go into the fund for good causes.

That means that it’s time to check in all of those places where a lost lottery ticket may be, down the back of the sofa? In a forgotten jacket or coat? Who knows, but that winning UK Lotto ticket is worth a life changing amount of cash and we at National-Lottery are sure that whoever is the winner will be ecstatic at the win.

That’s assuming of course that they find it in time, before the whole lot goes to charity. Check those pockets now, this winning lottery ticket must be somewhere so if you buy your lottery tickets in County Tyrone it’s time to go on a search for the missing lottery ticket worth a great deal of cash. Of course, this is just one of the many unclaimed lottery prizes!

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