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Lottery Scam warning for Jersey

Last Updated: Tuesday 9th February 2010, 11:46

Today we have news of yet another lottery scam and with the Euromillions rollover draw approaching this one is one to keep your eye out for. It seems to be residents of Jersey who are being caught up in this Euromillions Lottery scam prompting local police to give out warnings to Islanders.

This latest Euromillions Lottery scam asks for bank details, those are then passed onto the bogus lottery company in a move that could cost the conned lottery player thousands. It’s a clever scam and unfortunately only needs a couple of people to fall for it for the company to be raking it in. lol

Jersey police are warning local residents about the company who are using the name Euromillion Lottery international. The bogus lottery company has been writing to Jersey residents from a Spanish address detailing a cash win and requesting bank details to complete the transfer.

Jersey police have been warning local lottery players not to send any personal information to unknown companies. No winners have ever received any money from the company and are not likely to either as this has all the trademarks of a lottery scam.

If you won the UK Lotto or Euromillions Lottery you wouldn’t ever receive any correspondence asking you for your bank details in this way, so do remember to be vigilant. If you haven’t bought lotto tickets then you cannot possibly be a winner and finally, if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Take care, be vigilant and be very lucky choosing the numbers on the genuine UK lottery draws! You have been warned!

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