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Lottery UK Film council axed

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th July 2010, 00:16

In a shock decision by the coalition government today it has been decided that the UK Film council who give out millions in lottery funding a year is to be axed. The UK Film council axing was a shock decision today from Jeremy Hunt and is so far, the largest UK quango to be disbanded. It’s not the only lottery organisation to face the chop, the Museum, Libraries and Archives council is also to be disbanded after today’s announcement.

The UK Film council has, since it’s launch given away over £160 million to many independent film projects, cinemas and organisations around the UK. The UK Film council is one of the biggest distributors of lottery funds for good causes and today’s decision is sure to come as a blow.

The coalition government have made no secret of their desire to change the way lottery funds are distributed around the UK. Every time a lottery ticket is sold in the UK, 26p of the £1 costs goes to the National Lottery good causes funds.

It’s also no secret that this country, like many others around the world is in a pickle and it seems our coalition government is attempting to find better ways to distribute lottery cash, it being one of the biggest sources of revenue in the UK.

This will no doubt be the first of many changes to how lottery cash is distributed. Check back on our lottery news pages often to see what else is happening with the National Lottery and Euromillions Lottery.

The next National Lottery draw will be held on Wednesday evening and the estimated jackpot for that draw is £2.4 million.

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