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Lottery Winner to buy new knee

Last Updated: Sunday 8th August 2010, 11:33 am

Often we here stories of lottery winners who suffer personal tragedies and more often than not, lottery money doesn’t help those situations. However, the latest big winner from the National Lottery is to buy a new knee after winning the £11 million double rollover draw last Wednesday. Peter Redikin has been disabled since an injury on his knee fifteen years ago but after this huge lottery win, he’ll be able to afford a new knee that otherwise he would have to wait for on the NHS.

Peter Redikin and his wife Jacqui have been struggling since Peter damaged his knee in the accident fifteen years ago. The NHS won’t do the knee operation until Mr Redikin is 55 but this massive double rollover win on last Wednesday’s National Lottery draw means he’ll be able to pay to replace the joint privately.

The couple are understandably still in shock about their sudden windfall and intend on treating the family. Mr Redikin also has his eye on a brand new car, having never owned one.

Congratulations to both Peter and Jacqui Redikin and happy spending!

If you bought lottery tickets for last night’s UK Lotto draw then the lottery results are available now. Four players matched all six winning numbers each collecting £1.1 million.

The next UK Lotto draw is now Wednesday evening and you can buy lottery tickets for that draw now. Due to last night’s jackpot share, the estimated jackpot on Wednesday evening is £2.4 million.

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