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Lottery winner goes back to work

Last Updated: Monday 14th February 2011, 10:06 am

Major life-changes are always very stressful, even when they improve life for the better, and maybe that’s why so many lottery winners report having difficulties in adjusting to their big win. Many of us think we’d just retire on the spot but that’s not often the case, and as one £2.3 million lottery winner goes back to work as a bus driver, we look at his justification for doing so, after winning such a big life-changing lottery jackpot.

Kevin Halstead couldn’t wait to get started on his new life after his £2.3 million UK Lotto win last year, instant retirement and the chance to see the world beckoned. Yet less than twelve months on, Mr Halstead is going back to his job as a bus driver for Stagecoach. So has Mr Halstead blown the lot already? Nothing of the sort, he just misses his job and the routine it offers, just as many of us would do in the same circumstances.

Mr Halstead had been a bus driver for 17 years before his lottery win and was well-known throughout the company. He misses the banter with other drivers, and they’re glad to see him back behind the wheel of the bus where he belongs.

So, if you strike lucky on the Lotto this week, and your numbers come up on the lottery results, will you be quitting work to travel the world and live a life of luxury? Or will you, like Mr Halstead continue as normal, just without the money worries?

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