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Lottery Winner Turned Thief

Last Updated: Thursday 7th July 2011, 16:30

National Lottery When that big lotto win comes it should really set the winner up for life, the financial security we all dream of and yet more and more we are hearing stories about lottery winners who fritter away their winnings and end up in a bigger mess that before. This story couldn’t be more true than in regard to one lottery winner who turned thief after frittering away his win and then stealing to maintain his luxury lifestyle.

It would seem that the story of Richard Huddart is a perfect illustration of the old adage that money is the root of all evil. With no previous convictions Mr Huddart has just been called in front of a judge in Cumbria on thirteen counts of theft from his employer of 21 years.

Mr Huddart was the general manager of Cumbria Fresh product LTD and had worked his way up through the company over many years. However recently £28,000 has gone missing from the company and after an internal investigation the finger was pointed squarely at lottery winner Mr Huddart.

After his lottery ticket came up in 2003, Mr Huddart did was many people would and spent cash on holidays, nights out and luxury goods. The money came to an end but unfortunately it seems the winners luxury lifestyle did not, putting him into great debt and leading to him stealing from his long term employer.

Sentencing for the lottery winner will be on August 3rd and the judge has hinted that the sentence will not be custodial.

It seems that winning the lottery isn’t always the best thing that could happen and for this gentleman at least was the ruining of him, rather than the making.

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