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Lottery winner victim of Cumbria killer

Last Updated: Friday 4th June 2010, 11:04 am

A Lottery winner who scooped £2.3 million on the UK Lotto has spoken out about how the win means nothing now that his brother has been gunned down in the Cumbria massacre this week. Readers can’t have missed the leading story in the media this week about the crazed gunman who indiscriminately shot and killed people in the Lake district and one of those gunned down was the lottery winner’s brother.

Andy Clark 26 won £2.3 million when his winning lottery results were draw in 2001. They’d recently moved into a dream home and it looked as though life couldn’t get any better.

However Mr Clark has now called the win ‘worthless’ after discovering his brother has been killed in the Cumbria massacre. He says, something like this makes you realise that all the money in the world is worthless, it means nothing now after losing his brother in the random attack by Derrick Bird.

Mr Clark’s brother Jamie moved to Carlisle two years ago when his fiancée and childhood sweetheart went to a local university. She was being comforted at home yesterday after her fiancée became the youngest victim of the massacre while driving his company car near Seascale. He was gunned down at the wheel and as yet it’s unclear whether the gunshot killed him or the impact of hurtling his car into a field.

This is just one of the broken lives created by this awful event, so maybe when you buy your lottery tickets this weekend you should stop and remind yourself of the things you do have, rather than the riches you don’t.

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