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Lottery winners to lose out this month

Last Updated: Tuesday 2nd November 2010, 08:49 am

National LotteryIt seems that every month there are unclaimed lottery prizes going to charity as players misplace lottery tickets. Despite recommendations to play the lotto online, many players still buy lottery tickets in store and lottery tickets keep getting lost. There are two lottery winners to lose out this month if they don’t step forward, one runs out in just a couple of days and the other, later in the month is a life-changing Lotto jackpot!

On 4th November, just two days from now, a National Lottery win worth £109,486 expires, as the winner hasn’t come forward to claim. The winning lottery ticket was sold in the Eastleigh area of the UK for the draw held on 8th May. If you buy lottery tickets in the Eastleigh area then it’s time to find them, now!

However, it’s the unclaimed lottery prize later this month that everyone is most interested in. A lottery ticket sold for the 29th May Lotto draw, expires on 25th November, which may not seem a big story but the lottery ticket is worth a life-changing £1,197,899! This jackpot-winning lottery ticket was sold in the Borough of Dudley and this is one unclaimed lottery win that we don’t want to see go to charity.

If you buy lottery tickets in either of the areas mentioned above then the search is on, someone, somewhere has won these staggering amounts of cash and they will lose out if they don’t come forward. If you want to ensure you never lose a winning ticket then buy your lottery tickets online!

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