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Lottery winners scared to spend

Last Updated: Thursday 7th July 2011, 16:05

Lottery Balls A lotto win should be the answer to all your problems but sometimes living on a shoestring can be a habit too hard to break. That’s why lottery winners Stan and Pat Cable are still renting their council house seventeen months after pocketing £3.9 million on the UK Lotto. Unable to break the habit of spending frugally as they have been forced to do their whole lives, they are too scared to spend the money and still worry about money.

It seems incredibly that this couple who have rented their council house for the last twenty-eight years have continued to live in the same home, paying £65 a week rent even after such a huge lottery win. The only difference is, they now play to buy their home after being offered a discount of £34,000 by the council.

The couple are retired and scooped the jackpot when their winning lottery ticket came in last May, the only luxuries they have afforded themselves are an 18 foot caravan and a four-wheel drive car to tow it.

The couple have no children and were living on benefits for ten years after Stan was forced to take early retirement.

It seems a shame to see this couple not enjoy their lottery cash and good fortune. It just goes to show that such a huge instant change in living brought about by a lottery win can come as a shock to some and be a little too much to cope with.

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