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Lotto Double Prize Event Announced for 24th August

Last Updated: Tuesday 2nd July 2019, 12:16 pm

It has been revealed that the Lotto draw on the 24th August 2019 will be a ‘Double Prize Event’, offering thousands of players the chance to win double on their ticket. The announcement comes alongside news that the EuroMillions draw on the 19th July will guarantee 20 UK millionaires.

What could you win in a Lotto Double Prize event?

It isn’t yet clear exactly how the Double Prize event will work; all that has been announced is the date of the draw in question, and the tagline: “Thousands will win double”.

There are six prize tiers in Lotto, from matching two numbers to win a free Lucky Dip to matching all six numbers to win the jackpot. All prize tiers apart from the jackpot are fixed, meaning the amount you could win remains the same for every draw – unless there’s a special event. So what could winning double mean in a Lotto Double Prize Event? Here are some possibilities:

Double Jackpot

The Lotto jackpot is worth at least £2 million, and can roll over up to five times before it is guaranteed to be given away in a Must Be Won draw. It may be that the Double Prize event will double the jackpot in the 24th August draw. If the jackpot has rolled over several times before the draw, this could mean a top prize worth tens of millions of pounds.

Lucky Dip

The free Lucky Dip, won by matching just two main numbers, is the only non-cash prize awarded in Lotto. It’s also the most commonly won, with up to a million players claiming one each draw. This isn’t the most likely prize tier to receive the Double Prize treatment - the tagline “thousands will win double” suggests that the Lucky Dip is won too often to be included -  but winning twice the number of Lucky Dips would be a welcome surprise for the majority of Lotto winners.

Match 3

Prizes in this tier are won by tens of thousands of Lotto players in each draw. Matching three numbers in a normal Lotto draw would win you a fixed prize of £30. A Lotto Double Prize event could mean that more than 50,000 Lotto players will win a £60 Match 3 windfall.

The Match 3 prize tier has previously been the focus of special Lotto events. In May 2019, a Match 3 to Win £100 event took place, giving players a chance to win a three-figure sum by matching just three main numbers. Over 97,000 players won the prize, resulting in a total payout of £9.7 million.

Match 4

Matching four Lotto numbers would win you £140 in a standard Lotto draw – a prize that upwards of two thousand players win every Wednesday and Saturday. If the Match 4 prize tier is eligible in the upcoming Double Prize event, you could win £280 just for matching four numbers.

All of the Above

It is currently unclear how many prizes the Lotto Double Prize event could affect, meaning it is entirely possible that more than one lower prize tier could benefit from the multiplier. It might be unlikely that all of the above tiers are included in the promotion, but if they are – and if you play your numbers right – your chances of winning double are increased significantly. Whether a greatly-inflated jackpot prize or an additional Lucky Dip, you could be one of the thousands to win double on the 24th August.

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