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Lotto Double Rollover day

Last Updated: Wednesday 3rd November 2010, 10:38

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s Lotto double rollover day! Have you bought your lottery tickets yet for the estimated £10.9 million jackpot? How many lottery tickets have you bought, one, or maybe two to increase your chances in the draw? Maybe it’s time to think about putting together a lottery syndicate to give yourself and your friends or family an even better chance at lottery jackpots such as this one.

What better way to increase your chances at a £10 million rollover jackpot than by joining forces with friends and putting together your very own lottery syndicate?

You can choose anyone you like for your lottery syndicate, some work colleagues, friends or even family could help you increase your chances at winning a big lottery rollover jackpot. It’s so easy to set up a syndicate and when you buy lottery tickets online, you can even download a syndicate agreement directly from the National Lottery.

Just think a ten-strong lottery syndicate has ten times more lottery tickets and that means ten times more chance of walking away with a big lottery jackpot than one single lottery player on their own. Lottery syndicates are singularly the best way to increase your chances at winning a lotto jackpot and what better way to celebrate a life-changing lottery win than with friends?

Don’t forget to check back later for the lottery results and hopefully winners news of the £10.9 million rollover and if you haven’t bought your lottery tickets yet then it really is your last chance to do so!

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