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Lotto Jackpot Landed by Single Ticket

Last Updated: Monday 15th October 2012, 13:00

Lotto Jackpot Landed by Single TicketThe Lotto jackpot was landed by a single ticket on Saturday 16 June, giving the owner the life-changing sum of £4,324,677. The Lotto results on Saturday were 03, 19, 21, 37, 40 and 49, and the Bonus Ball number – which wasn’t required to win the jackpot – was 35. Now that the jackpot has been landed, the new jackpot in the next game this Wednesday 20 June will be worth around £2.2 million. Will it be won by another single ticket? Will several players share the spoils? Or will the midweek jackpot roll over to the Saturday game? The only way to find out is to wait and see!

Four tickets matched five of the main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to win a very impressive second-tier prize of £332,667 each, whilst 439 tickets won £1,894 each by matching five main numbers only. Another 24,617 tickets matched four main numbers only to win £74 each, and 465,852 tickets won £10 each by matching three main numbers, bringing the total number of Lotto prizes won on Saturday to 490,913.

In the EuroMillions game on Friday 15 June the jackpot had a final value of £21,629,100. Two tickets shared that jackpot by matching the five main numbers (10, 22, 27, 38 and 48) as well as both Lucky Stars (03 and 07) and those tickets were purchased in France and Spain. Although Brits were left out in the cold as far as the jackpot was concerned, one player in the UK won £1 million by matching the Millionaire Raffle number PSY036130.

One of the six winning tickets at the second-tier prize level was also purchased in the UK, and each of those tickets won £209,152 by matching the five main numbers and one Lucky Star. 17 tickets matched the five main numbers only to win £24,606 each, and 3,104,154 other tickets won smaller prizes by matching two main numbers or better. The next EuroMillions jackpot this Tuesday will be worth around £12 million.

Well done to those who were lucky enough to win a prize last Friday and Saturday and good luck to everyone who takes part in the midweek games this Tuesday and Wednesday. Buy your lottery tickets here and you can give yourself a chance of winning from the comfort of your own home!

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