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Lotto Kings

Last Updated: Wednesday 7th August 2013, 14:56

A four-man syndicate from King's Lynn is celebrating after winning the £4,206,341 jackpot in the Lotto draw held on Wednesday 14 March. The men, who all work for a road maintenance company, had been told they would be made redundant a few weeks ago, so the fact that that each of them now has a just over a million pounds in the bank is something of a relief.

David Brock, who leads the syndicate, explained how the men had gone from being sad to glad thanks to their winning lottery ticket: "We were obviously very sad about losing our jobs through redundancy, especially as the company is well respected by the guys and we enjoy working together. But suddenly our future has completely changed with the win and we are all on a high."

The syndicate win, which came thanks to numbers picked at random via the Lucky Dip system, was discovered by Trevor Kimber as he read his morning newspaper. "I was reading the Daily Mirror at work and I thought the numbers looked familiar," Trevor said. "The truth is, that I've got it wrong many times before so I didn't believe it. I got the ticket out of the van and said to David, 'you'd better check this and get a copy of the winning numbers'.David went into the local supermarket and when he came out said, 'well it's right, we've got every one'. It was a fantastic moment and we're very, very happy of course."

For the four millionaires, redundancy is no longer anything to be concerned about. In fact their only concern is how they will spend their new wealth. Syndicate leader David wants to buy a new car, a house and visit relatives in Australasia. Trevor is planning to buy a new Volkswagen in the first instance and makes more plans later. The other two members are keeping their cards close to their chests.

"This win changes everything," David said. "It's the opportunity of a lifetime and I really am going to enjoy it."

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